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About Us

Natsoft believes that a successful project can best be implemented by good people. They have to be moral and dedicated to serving not only the company but our customers. All our staff go through an intensive screening process and receive training both on our products and technologies we use.

Ms. See Wai Hun is a very experienced project manager, and has been involved in consultancy and project management for multi-million ringgit projects for such companies as Sitt Tatt, Kinta Kellas, Syarikat Air Johor and Telekom Malaysia.

Our main technology architect, John Lim, has won awards (a PIKOM best software award in 1994 and an Australian best software award in 1989). He has also been recognized internationally by the web-development community, has written many articles on web technology and served as a technical book consultant to Addison-Wesley and Macmillan.

Our software development manager, Steven Oey, has been developing software applications for nearly twenty years and is familiar with a wide-variety of businesses and technologies.

We have an international clientele, with customers using our software systems in Malaysia, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, India and other countries.


12A Jalan BM 1/2
Bukit Mayang Mas
PJ, Selangor

Phone: (60)3 7806 1216
Fax:   (60)3 7806 1210
Mail: info@natsoft.com.my


Business and Technology Partners

  • ACA Pacific
  • Apple Computers, Inc
  • ECS Astar
  • ECS Pericomp
  • HPD Systems (HP products)
  • JOS Distribution
  • M-Link System
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • MySQL AB
  • Oracle Corporation
  • SLW Communications (Avaya products)
  • Zend Inc.



phone: (60)3-7806 1216   fax: (60)3 7806 1210   email: info@natsoft.com.my